Work with Us

For the Scientific Community

There are several exciting avenues by which members of the scientific community can work with the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division (ESDR) at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow: If you are finishing your PhD or a post-doc that has lasted under three years, please look up opportunities to work with our Scientists on the LBNL job website.
  • ITRI Rosenfeld Fellowship: Is a competitive opportunity that allows you to dictate the research that you want to do and to select a researcher that you would like as a mentor.
  • Affiliate/Sabbatical: It is also possible to come to LBNL as an affiliate or on sabbatical, where your institution sponsors you to work on your research with a scientist/engineer at LBNL for a few months or a year. For more information contact the ESDR researcher you would like to work with.
  • Research Funding: Another means of performing research with LBNL scientists is to collaboratively apply for research funding from the Department of Energy.

For Industry

Several contractual mechanisms under the Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP) are available to facilitate collaboration with ESDR researchers at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Also available for energy storage companies is the CalCharge Master CRADA, a unique agreement which offers companies an expedited path to collaboration. For more information about CalCharge membership go here.

The energy storage researchers at Berkeley Lab—including scientists working on vehicle batteries, flow batteries, and fuel cells—now offer several ways for companies to collaborate with its scientists or use its world-class scientific facilities, including cutting-edge instrumentation for high-resolution imaging of materials, synthesis of materials, advanced characterization techniques, mathematical modeling, and fabrication of small test cells. Information on project types and mechanisms for collaboration are detailed in a new website,