Berkeley Electrochemistry Seminar Series

2019 Schedule

Monday Seminars begin promptly at 3:00 PM in LBNL Building 62, Room 203

Monday Discussions begin promptly at 3:00 PM in LBNL Building 70, Room 191

Discussions rotate through three different topics in the following order: DRX, Li Detection in Fast Charging, Si

Note: 70-191 or 62-203 are reserved most Mondays (except for LBNL holidays) from 2:30 PM until 4:00 PM, so that seminar speakers can arrive early to check their presentations, or discussions can begin earlier if need be.

Datesort ascending Speaker(s) PI Location Topic
December 16 Chen Fang (LBNL)
Gao Liu 62-203 Seminar: TBD
December 9
70-191 Discussion
December 2 Bin Ouyang (LBNL)
Gerd Ceder 62-203 Seminar: TBD
November 25
70-191 Discussion: TBD
November 18 Steve Harris (LBNL)
62-203 Seminar: Time-dependent Multi-Scale Theory and Simulation for Contact between Li Metal and a Ceramic Solid Electrolyte
November 11
70-191 No Discussion Scheduled
November 4
70-191 Discussion: PIs Discussion (Na-ion)
October 28
62-203 Seminar: Canceled
October 21 Yuan Yue (LBNL)
Wei Tong 62-203 Seminar: Investigating Cationic and Anionic Redox Process in Lithium-Excess Cation-Disordered Rocksalt (DRX) Cathode
October 14
70-191 Discussion: Canceled
October 7 Jianli Cheng (LBNL)
Kristin Persson 62-203 Seminar: Investigate Li Intercalation Stability of Ni-rich Cathodes from First-Principles Study
September 30
70-191 Discussion: Li Detection in Fast Charging
September 23 Guoping Gao (LBNL)
Lin-Wang Wang 62-203 Seminar: Vulcanized Sulfur into Polymer as Cathode for Li-S Battery
September 16
70-191 Discussion: DRX
September 9 Jonathan Larson (LBNL)
Robert Kostecki 62-203 Seminar: Basic Energy Storage Science at the Micro-to-Nanoscale: From Scanning Battery Probes to Infrared Nanospectroscopy
September 2 Holiday (Labor Day)
No Seminar Scheduled
August 26
70-191 Discussion: Si
August 19 Yagya Regmi (LBNL)
Nem Danilovic 62-203 Seminar: Corrosion resistant and conductive metal layer coated oxide nanoparticles as anode catalyst layer fillers in proton exchange membrane electrolyzers
August 12
70-191 Discussion: Li Detection in Fast Charging
August 5
62-203 Seminar: Canceled
July 29
70-191 Discussion: Canceled
July 22 Steve Harris (LBNL)
62-203 Seminar: Rethinking How External Pressure Can Suppress Dendrites in Lithium Metal Batteries
July 15
70-191 Discussion: DRX
July 8 Eongyu Yi (LBNL)
Marca Doeff 62-203 Seminar: Freeze tape casting derived Li7La3Zr2O12 electrolyte architecture with oriented ion conduction channels
July 1
70-191 Discussion: Canceled
June 24 Jacqueline Maslyn (UC Berkeley/LBNL)
Nitash Balsara 62-203 Seminar: Factors Influencing Lithium Protrusion Nucleation and Cycle Life in Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Battery Applications
June 20 Yang-Kook Sun (Hanyang University)
62-203 Seminar: Progress in High-Performance Concentration Gradient Cathode for Next-Generation Electric Vehicles
June 17
70-191 Discussion: Canceled
June 10
62-203 Seminar: Canceled
June 3
70-191 Discussion: Si
May 27 Holiday (Memorial Day)
No Discussion Scheduled
May 20 Michael Galluzzo (LBNL)
Nitash Balsara 62-203 Seminar: Dissolution of Lithium Metal in Poly(ethylene oxide)
May 13
70-191 Discussion: Li Detection in Fast Charging
May 6 Dongchang Chen (LBNL)
Guoying Chen 62-203 Seminar: Unraveling the Origin of Performance Degradation in High-Capacity Cation-Disordered Oxide Cathodes
April 29 Kristian Knudsen (UC Berkeley/LBNL)
Bryan McCloskey 62-203 Seminar: Is it Possible to Electrochemically Quantify the Reorganization-/Solvation Energy?
April 22 Judith Alvarado (LBNL)
Marca Doeff 62-203 Seminar: Thermal Stress Induced Charge and Structure Heterogeneity in NMC-811
April 15 Sean Lubner (LBNL)
62-203 Seminar: In-Operando Measurements of the Dominant Thermal Resistance in Li-ion Batteries
April 8 Sunhyung Jurng (LBNL)
Robert Kostecki 62-203 Seminar: Surface Reactivity of Silicon Electrodes in Organic Carbonate Electrolyte
April 1 Watchareeya Kaveevivitchai/Kuan-Zong Fung (National Cheng Kung University)
62-203 Seminar: Multi-Electron Redox Chemistry for Next-Generation Rechargeable Batteries/Behaviors of Electrode/Electrolyte Materials for Li-ion Batteries Based on Defect Considerations
March 25
70-191 Discussion: PI Discussion
March 18
70-191 Discussion: Canceled
March 11 Jian Zhu (LBNL)
Guoying Chen 62-203 Seminar: Single-Crystal Based Studies of Li[NixMnyCo1-x-y]O2 Cathode Materials
March 4 Steve Harris (LBNL)
62-203 Seminar: Accurate Prediction of the Remaining Useful Life for Commercial LFP Cells at Cycle 100, Before Any Significant Capacity Degradation Has Taken Place
February 25 Elton Cairns (UC Berkeley/LBNL)
62-203 Seminar: The Li/S Cell: Beyond Li-ion
February 19 Christof Schulz (University of Duisberg-Essen)
62-203 Seminar: Scalable Gas-Phase Synthesis of Functional Nanoparticles: From Fundamentals to Materials for Battery Applications
February 18 Holiday (Presidents' Day)
No Discussion Scheduled
February 11 Kang Yao (LBNL)
Wei Tong 62-203 Seminar: Sputter Deposition and Electrochemistry of Amorphous Si and Si-Sn Thin Film Electrodes
February 4
70-191 Discussion: DRX
January 28
62-203 No Seminar Scheduled
January 21 Holiday (Martin Luther King Day)
No Seminar Scheduled
January 14
70-191 No Discussion Scheduled
January 7
No Discussion Scheduled