Nem Danilovic

Nem Danilovic
Chemist Research Scientist/Engineer
(510) 486-7045

Nemanja (Nem) Danilovic is a Research Scientist/Engineer in Adam Weber's Energy Conversion Group. His research interests include multiscale engineering of electrochemical interfaces from model electrocatalysts/electrodes, catalyst/electrode layers to full devices encompassing energy conversion and storage devices (electrolyzers, fuel cells, photoelectrochemical devices and batteries). He received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta in 2010 on development of mixed oxide catalysts for direct methane electroxidation in sulfur containing gases for solid oxide fuel cells under the supervision of Dr.'s Jingli Luo and Karl Chuang. He spent 4 years at Argonne National Laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Dr.’s Nenad Markovic and Debbie Myers using a surface science approach to design improved electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution reactions in acid and alkaline environments based on model electrocatalyst systems and in-situ spectroscopy techniques. He then worked for 3 years as a Research Engineer and Cell Stack Product Manager at Proton OnSite, where he collaborated with National Laboratory and University partners to understand the structure/property/performance relationships and electrochemical reactions in various membrane based devices, incorporating and designing state of the art low- and non- precious metal catalysts and membranes into proton and anion exchange membrane water electrolyzers and determining the limiting factors to performance.

At LBL Nemanja works on advancing electrochemical technologies through the understanding of interfaces at multiple scales and their effects on the electrochemical reactions studied for electrolyzers, fuel cells and other energy converison and storage devices. He serves as a manager within the HydroGEN Energy Materials Network (EMN), a multi- lab and institution effort to benchmark the performance of various hydrogen production technologies and to develop new advanced materials that will ultimately lead to efficient low cost hydrogen for vehicle fueling. This is achieved by incorporating National Lab capabilities in synthesis, characterization and modeling with materials and structures developed by external partners, the resulting data from this multi-year effort will be stored in publically accessible data hub that will ultimately be used to drive new materials innovation for H2 production. At the lab within the EMN he works to improve the durability and efficiency of photoelectrochemical and electrochemical water splitting devices through interface engineering, catalyst layer development and device design. Nemanja’s other research interests include electrochemistry of O, C, N and P compounds, electrode structures and intercalation of Li-ion batteries.

Nemanja has authored over 20 peer reviewed articles on materials for electrolyzers and fuel cells, presented at various international conferences including invited and keynote talks at the Electrochemical Society Conference.