Laser Technologies

Laser TechnologiesThe Laser Technologies group is focused on the development of next-generation real-time spectroscopy tools based on the interaction of high-intensity ultrafast (femtosecond) and nanosecond laser pulses with materials. Far- and near- field laser sampling (ablation) are combined with optical emission and mass spectroscopy for spatially selective 3-dimensional chemical imaging. The laser ablation chemical analysis technologies are implemented in programs including environmental monitoring and cleanup, climate change, energy technologies (battery, solar) and nuclear security.

Key Topics:

  • Study, control and optimization of the fundamental mechanisms of pulsed laser ablation as they relate to elemental, molecular and isotopic chemical analysis.
  • Nanometer spatial imaging and depth profiling.
  • Fast scanning high-sensitivity analysis.
  • The development of completely new spectroscopic techniques (e.g. Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry or LAMIS), which allow real-time isotopic analysis under real-world conditions.

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Group Leader

Vasileia Zormpa

Related Publications



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